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Update: July 1, 2022

The Joys of Jewelry 5 : Birthstones

誕生石 2022_0702 ポスター    " The Joys of Jewelry 5 : Birthstones "


  Closed: Tuesdays  (However, the museum will be open on August 16.)

      Room :" Yamanashi Jewelry Today "









In December 2021, the birthstone system was revised for the first time in 63 years. Some of you may have heard about this in the news. 
In this exhibition, we will introduce various birthstones, including some newly added gemstones.

Birthstones classifications exist in many countries around the world, but Japan's birthstones were selected in 1958 based on the birthstones popularized by the Jewelers Guild of America (now known as Jewelers of America).
Jade and coral are also chosen in Japan, indicating that birthstones are selected by each country in consideration of its own history and culture.

The revision was decided by the National Jewelry Wholesalers Association this time to make the common recognition in the whole domestic industry of jewelry with supports by the Japan Jewelry Association and the Yamanashi Crystal Jewelry Cooperative Association.
10 new gemstones were added to the current system,bringing the total number of birthstones to 29. This wider range of choices will offer you more opportunities to meet gemstones and jewelry.

This exhibition features jewelry with a total of 29 various birthstones.
Some people’s interest towards jewelry might have started from learning about birthstones; some others might remember conversations they have had about birthstones after hearing about someone’s birthday.
We hope that learning more about birthstones will be an opportunity for you to enjoy choosing and wearing your own jewelry.




誕生石 日独宝石研究所20220702 誕生石 ティアラ20220702 誕生石 20220702 ペンダント
  Tiara  《Pearl Tiara》 Necklace 

Japan Germany Gemmological Laboratory JGGL

Yamanashi prefectural Jewelry art college 
(Third from the bottom on the right side)  

Designer / Company

Jewelry KOBO Fujishima

Designer / Company


誕生石 20220702 春風に舞う    
Brooch  《Fluttering in Spring Bleeze》    

Designer :NISHI Miyuki

Company:Jewelry Furuya 


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