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Update: March 1, 2023

General Information


Yamanashi Jewelry Museum
(Yamanashi Jewelry Museum is attached to Institute of Gemology and Jewelry Art Yamanashi Prefectural government)


1-6-1 Marunouchi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi 400-0031, Japan


The Yamanashi Jewelry Museum

Jewelry making began in Yamanashi Prefecture during the Edo period, when fine rock crystal began to be mined there and the techniques for polishing it still in use today were developed. Yamanashi is now home to an industrial cluster that includes sculpture using materials such as rock crystal and agate, the polishing of gemstones for use in jewelry, working precious metals for creating jewelry, and companies that distribute jewelry throughout Japan and worldwide. Yamanashi has few rivals, throughout the world, as a jewelry producing industrial cluster. The aims of this museum are to preserve the history and continue the tradition of jewelry making in Yamanashi and, by exhibiting examples of the exquisite jewelry created in Yamanashi and the extraordinary craft techniques used to produce them, to enhance awareness of Yamanashi jewelry and jewelry making in Yamanashi.

Jewelry for Humanity

While this museum is intended to introduce Yamanashi Jewelry and jewelry making in Yamanashi to people both in and outside of Yamanashi Prefecture, it is also intended to communicate the close connections between jewelry and other aspects of people’s lives. We want everyone, from children to adults, from students to those engaged in the jewelry business or jewelry production to share this dream. We have thus done everything in our power to make this museum a fascinating one.

Our primary focus is exhibiting treasures of jewelry to present jewelry design and the craft of jewelry-making as they relate to growing the jewelry industry in Yamanashi. As a museum dedicated to education and the craft of jewelry making, we exhibit a wide range of artifacts to encourage visitors to think about the history of jewelry and what it means for us today.

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