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Update: March 18, 2022

The Museum Collection and The Creators

ミュージアムコレクションとつくり手たち ポスター    " The Museum Collection and The Creators "


  Closed: Tuesdays  (In case of National Holidays, closed on the next day)
                    but open on May 3rd and 4th

      Room :"Yamanashi Jewelry Today"










The jewelry industry in Yamanashi Prefecture can be traced back to Mount Kinpu in northern Kofu, where the mining of high-quality crystals took place. The industry developed through its crystal processing techniques such as polishing and engraving, and today stands as a major local industry.

Jewelry-making involves individuals who possess a wide range of specialized skills.The artisan shares their vision with the designer, then reads between the lines to bring the design to life while staying loyal to the initial concept.

Jewelry is acomplete world in itself. How about taking a peek at the jewelry-making process to enjoy this small yet exquisite world even more?

In this exhibition, we will present the museum collection along with design illustrations and other displays that showcase the jewelry-making process.
Displays will feature jewelry with designs reimagined by an artisan’s original cut and pieces unique to the museum that highlight Yamanashi’s jewelry techniques, from the selection and polishing of gemstones to the hand-crafted details made from precious metals.
Learning about the designer's intentions and the crafting process might even give you a new heartfelt appreciation for jewelry.

On weekends and holidays, the museum holds demonstration workshops where you can watch artisans at work. When you come to see the exhibition at the museum, don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to get an up-close look at the jewelry-making process.


※There is a possibility that the demonstration and jewelry-making workshops may be canceled due to COVID-19 measures. Check the museum's website or Instagram before you visit to ensure you have the latest updates.





ミュージアムコレクションとつくり手たち20220319 作品1 ミュージアムコレクションとつくり手たち20220319 作品2 ミュージアムコレクションとつくり手たち20220319 作品3
 Pendant  《Aspiration 》 Pendant   《Cupsule of  Dream 》 Ring 《Death and Rebirth》

Designer :NISHI Miyuki

Company:YAMAMOTO Seisakujo  
               YAMAMOTO Tsuyoshi 
               Jewelry Furuya
               FURUYA Tomohiro

Designer :HAYASHI Chika

               FUKASAWA Natsuki

Designer : TSUNODA Izumi

               TAKUMA Etsuji
               think Co., Ltd.
               SHINYA Chihiro KOSHIN Co., LTD   

ミュージアムコレクションとつくり手たち20220319 作品4    
Ring  《AYA 》    

Designer :TAKAHASHI Annna

Company:KODAMA Co., Ltd. 
               KARAT Co., Ltd. 


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