Preferential Treatment System

Subsidy for Yamanashi Industrial Agglomeration Promotion

For manufacturers who have newly acquired land in Yamanashi, set up a plant, and began operation within 3 years, 10% of the invested fixed asset amount (1 billion yen maximum) excluding the land acquisition cost will be subsidized.

■ Eligible industries
(1) Manufacturing
(2) Other business that the governor approves as markedly contributed to economic revitalization of Yamanashi.

■ Target areas
Entire area of Yamanashi (within the limits of municipality which have a subsidy program of the same purpose as the prefectural government)

■ Requirements
All of the following requirements must be satisfied on the set up of the plant.

(1) To acquire land or land lease rights (set up period must be more than 20 years) newly in Yamanashi, set up a plant, and begin operation within 3 years.

(2)The invested fixed asset (excluding the land acquisition cost) must be 500 million yen and above. 

(3) To increase employees to 10 or more within 1 year from the start of operation. (5 or more shall be hired newly from resident of Yamanashi.)

■ Grant rate
10% of the invested fixed asset amount (excluding the land acquisition cost)

■ Limit amount for subsidy
(1) Increased employee 10 and over, less than 50 300 million yen
(2) Increased employee 50 and over, less than 100 500 million yen
(3) Increased employee 100 and over, less than 500 750 million yen
(4) Increased employee 500 and over 1 billion yen