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At JR Chuo Line Koshu-city

JR Chuo Line

Yamanashi is a neighboring prefecture of Tokyo and is easily accessible from the metropolitan area. By a limited express of JR Chuo Line, it takes about 60 minutes to Uenohara, the prefecture’s border with Tokyo, and about 90 minutes to Kofu, the center of Yamanashi.

Running through Yamanashi from east to west, Chuo Expressway is a main distribution artery of Yamanashi accessible directly to the three major metropolitan areas, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Fujiyoshida Line diverges from the Otsuki Junction and can be connected to Tomei Expressway via Higashi Fujigoko Expressway. Also, in 2007, Chuo Expressway and Kanetsu Expressway are connected via Metropolitan Inter-city Expressway.

Chuo Expressway Ichinomiya-Misaka

Chuo Expressway

Chubu-Odan Expressway Futaba Junction

Chubu-Odan Expressway

Further, the development of Chubu-Odan Expressway which connects the Sea of Japan side and the Pacific side is fully in progress. Completed section from Chuo Expressway Futaba Junction has become available for traffic sequentially. Upon completion of the construction, it will connect to Tomei Expressway and new chances for distribution will be created.

The Linear Express is highly expected as a super-high-speed transportation system of the next generation. For the Linear Central Express which connects Tokyo and Osaka in one hour, the test line is continued and the development toward the practical use is going smoothly.

Yamanashi Linear Test Line

Yamanashi Linear Test Line