Welcome to Yamanashi

Quality life in Yamanashi

Under some of the best mountains in Japan like Mt. Fuji, Minami-Alps, and Yatsugatake, Yamanashi, being endowed with rich nature, holds 40 percent of the share of mineral water production in Japan and is the place of outstanding natural beauty surrounded by pure water and its nurturing plants.

Yamanashi offers the pleasures of eating with such fruit as grapes which we boast the largest production in Japan, cherries, and peaches and fresh and rich-flavored vegetables and wild vegetables

In addition, vegetable growing in a rental field, trekking and mountaining, visiting about 80 wineries and historical spots associated with Shingen Takeda, etc., there is no end to the entertainment in Yamanashi. Also, you cannot miss unique hot springs dotted all over in Yamanashi.

Further, parks where people can play comfortably with children are ubiquitous. For people who are moving to Yamanashi with the location of companies, we feel sure that you can enjoy the fulfilling “Yamanashi Life.”

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