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Japan Wine Competition is a competition for "Japanese wine" made 100% from grapes grown and harvested in Japan. It has been held since 2003 with the aim of improving the quality and recognition of Japanese wine, as well as promoting the image of each region and the typicity and status of Japanese wine. This competition is organised by an executive committee comprising the associations of four  major wine-producing prefectures (Hokkaido, Yamagata, Yamanashi and Nagano) in Japan, Japan Wineries Association, the Japan Sommelier Association, Japanese Society of Viti-Viniculture, the Institute of Enology and Viticulture of the University of Yamanashi, and Yamanashi Prefecture.

The Judging Panel
The judging panel is usually held in Yamanashi Prefecture in July.
The judging panel consists of 25 judges and they score the wines by the sensory evaluation on a 20-point scale based on criteria such as color, limpidity, taste, flavor, odor and harmony.
The judges consist of international wine experts and wine journalists, national wine industry experts, and winemakers nominated by the regions.
There are a total of 12 categories, including Vinifera reds and whites, Hybrid (Cross) reds and whites, Koshu, Rosé and Sparkling, for which gold, silver and bronze prizes are awarded, as well as prizes for encouragement, best in category and great value.

International initiatives
As part of our commitment to promoting the high quality Japanese wine around the world, we provide the list of award-winning wines to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and invite them to make use of it in Japanese embassies.
To date, more than 60,000 bottles of award-winning wine have been served to dignitaries at official functions of diplomatic missions around the world. ( As of December 31, 2020 )

Japanese wine is defined as wine made from 100% grapes grown in Japan and vinified in Japan.
In recent years, improvements in viticulture and winemaking techniques have led to rapid progress in the quality of Japanese wine, resulting in the production of high quality Japanese wine that have won international acclaim, including gold medals at some of the world's largest wine competitions.
From Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, grapes are grown in various places and a wide range of grape varieties, including indigenous Japanese varieties, European varieties and American Labrusca varieties, are used to produce wines rooted in their specific regions.
Japanese wines which reflect the Japanese climate are characterised by their delicate flavours and go well with the equally delicate Japanese cuisine.


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