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Updated:August 31, 2016

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Shingen-ko Festival 

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In early April, the city of Kofu travels back in time to honor Takeda Shingen, the famous warlord of the Sengoku era. Replicas of Furinkazan, the representative flag of Lord Shingen, are seen all over the city. The highlight of the festival is the parade of the Takeda army, comprising of local citizens dressed in authentic costumes of Shingen's famous twenty-four knights and more than 1,500 warriors marching along with torches.

Kojosai at Lake Kawaguchi-ko 

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The last of the annual summer festivals of the Fujigoko area, this ritual, which is said to purify and wash away all evil, originates from Kawaguchi-Sengen shrine, and consists of sending out several hundred lanterns to float in small boats over the lake. The main ceremony is preceded by an afternoon concert, before over 5,000 fireworks light up the summer sky and bring the festival to a close.

Yoshida Fire Festival 

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The Fuji-Yoshida Fire Festival is celebrated at Fuji Sengen Shrine on August 26th, announcing the close of the climbing season of Mt. Fuji. It has been named one of the three most peculiar festivals to still be celebrated in Japan. A torch is kindled at every house-front in Fujiyoshida, and the city is then said to resemble a "sea of fire." Soon after this festival the summer climbing season of Mt. Fuji comes to an end.