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Updated:August 31, 2016

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Art and Culture

 The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art

The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art, opened in 1978, is proud to be the sanctuary of art in Yamanashi, and since its establishment has been known worldwide for housing a substantial collection of the works of Jean-François Millet.

There are a number of world famous works on display: the important Millet collection--which includes "The Sower" and "The Return of the Flock"--fine sculptures by Henry Moore, and other collections of Corot, Courbet and Turner. There are also great works of Japanese artists to be admired, including Yamanashi natives. In the quiet, relaxing atmosphere of the wine-colored building, visitors can always enjoy a video about Millet’s life and work.

Prefectural Art Museum

The Prefectural Art Forest around the art museum is a place of recreation and relaxation for many lovers of art from all over the nation. The complex is located just 15 minutes by bus from Kofu Station.

Millet Painting

The Yamanashi Prefecture Museum of Literature

The Yamanashi Prefecture Museum of Literature, located next to the Prefectural Art Museum, opened in 1989. With a major diplay about the works of great Meiji-era author Ryunosuke Akutagawa, the museum also features displays about many other important Japanese literary artists--such as Ichiyo Higuchi, known for her work "Nigorie," and Yamanashi-born Dakotsu Iida, one of the most famous modern haiku poets.

Museum of Literature

Kawaguchiko Museum of Art

Located amidst Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji, and surrounded by nature and picturesque landscapes, the Kawaguchiko Museum of Art seems to exist in a scroll painting. Opened in 1991, this museum brings together works of various artistic mediums and styles which depict Mt. Fuji, Japan’s symbolic treasure. The permanent exhibition features a large collection of Mt. Fuji-related works by prominent artists such as Adachi Genichiro, Yokoyama Taikan, Okada Koyo, and Kawasaki Haruhiko. Stroll through the museum and enjoy these beautifully rendered images of Mt. Fuji. When you are done, you can just step outside and behold the real thing.

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum

Regardless of age, the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum is the ideal place to learn about Yamanashi’s history and culture. It was opened on October 15, 2005 in Yamanashi’s Fuefuki City as a way to teach and promote regional history. Much research has gone into the study of the relationship between Yamanashi’s abundant natural environment and the people who coexist with it, its historical roots, and the ways in which it will affect Yamanashi’s future. It is the Museum’s goal to comprehensively present this to the public so that they may gain a deeper understanding of this land and the culture which flourishes in it.

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archaeology

The Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Archaeology was opened as a venue to view and study archaeological artifacts found in Yamanashi Prefecture. Here one can find earthenware and stoneware excavated from the Kai Choushi Tomb, a nationally designated historical landmark, the Uenodaira site, and the Maruyama Tomb. The museum itself stands amidst the burial mounds and other relics of Kai Fudoki-no-Oka Park.