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Updated:August 11, 2015

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A Message from the Governor 

Governor Goto

Yamanashi Prefecture is blessed with an abundance of nature that includes Mount Fuji, a World Heritage site. The Yamanashi brand, which is widely recognized and highly respected, includes agricultural products that flourish with plentiful water and sunlight, as well as wines, jewelry, silk fabrics and other items produced using traditional techniques.

By making the best use of these wonderfully unique values and local characteristics, Yamanashi will continue to shine in the future. To this end, upholding the "Dynamic Yamanashi - Platinum Society Initiative," I will work actively to enhance the "energy supply capacity," "landscape and agricultural capacity," and "safety and disaster prevention capacity," three key strenghts that will support Yamanashi in the future, with the aim of achieving stable employment and a prosperous life for all residents.


Hitoshi Goto             

Governor, Yamanashi Prefecture